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A lightning strike forces Miley Cyrus' private jet to make an emergency landing - CelebThop
A lightning strike forces Miley Cyrus' private jet to make an emergency landing

A lightning strike forces Miley Cyrus' private jet to make an emergency landing

As you can imagine, this is one of those cases where there is a happy ending when an airplane gets caught in a dramatic storm, is hit by lightning, yet still manages to make a safe landing without any injuries. A celebrity is also involved in this project because famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus was a part of it. In a terrifying accident some hours ago, on Miley Cyrus' private jet, an emergency landing had to be made due to what must have been a very frightening experience for Cyrus in the first place. She has stated that she and her crew were flying privately to Asunción, Paraguay, where she was set to perform as part of her ongoing Attention tour, which is currently taking place. The group never made it to where they were supposed to be.

As my fans and everyone worried about my flight to Asunción, this is a message for you. There was an unexpected major storm and a lightning strike struck our plane during the flight", Miley said on her social media channels. If an emergency landing is required, my crew, band, friends, and family members who were traveling with me are safe. Unfortunately, we were not able to fly into Paraguay as we had planned." This message includes a short video recording of a cabin window being lit up by lightning, in addition to a picture that shows the damage caused to the fuselage at the point where it was struck by lightning. Even though Miley hasn't given any more details about where they landed, what type of plane they were on, or when they are expected to be back in the air, we assume that for the moment, the knowledge that she is safe should suffice for her fans.

Miley Cyrus is very familiar with traveling around the world on private planes, as she is among the most popular celebrities - especially touring musicians. Her private jet ownership status is unclear, but it is known that she is partial to flying the Gulfstream G450, which has become a celebrity staple at this point, although it is not known whether she owns one. A spacious room that can accommodate up to 14 people with plenty of room for movement, it is a perfect choice for someone of Miley's status and profession, as she often travels with an entourage and is used to traveling in luxury.

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