Harper Beckham Joins Victoria Beckham Twins As A 'Style Icon'

Harper Beckham Joins Victoria Beckham Twins As A 'Style Icon'

Harper Beckham, 11, looks like she's taking after her mother from a new Instagram story picture she shared with her former Spice Girls teammate Victoria Beckham. She wore the white version of the tennis dress from Victoria's clothing line, while Harper opted for the black version.

On her Instagram Stories, the fashion mogul wrote, "My little style icon!" Harper wore white sneakers with her outfit, and Victoria wore a black cap to complete the yin-yang look. You shouldn't expect Harper to become the next fashion influencer anytime soon. Victoria has previously expressed concern about her only daughter joining the online world.

"Harper isn't on social media yet, so we don't have to worry about that," she told Vogue Australia on July 3. The cruelty of some people makes one think this way," she said. When the time comes, Victoria plans to address the issue with Harper regarding body-shaming in the online world.

She's at an age when her body is going to change, so it's important that we communicate a lot as a family and that she surrounds herself with nice friends, she said. However, I can't deny that it is quite terrifying."

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