In a guilty plea, A$AP Rocky says he's not guilty of shooting at his friend

In a guilty plea, A$AP Rocky says he's not guilty of shooting at his friend

The 33-year-old rapper - whose real name is Rakim Mayers - appeared in court on Aug. 17 and pleaded not guilty to two felony charges related to an incident in which he is alleged to have assaulted a former friend with a firearm while he was in Hollywood, Calif back in November 2021, E! News reported. The news has been confirmed.

A Los Angeles District Attorney's Office press release obtained by E! stated that Rocky was charged with two counts of assault using a semiautomatic firearm following the April shooting. On Aug. 15, there was news. A$AP Relli, whose real name is Terell Ephron, and Rocky had a "heated discussion" when Rocky pointed a handgun at him.

The two then had a "subsequent confrontation" in which Rocky fired the firearm two times at Relli after the alleged altercation. His attorneys Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz first revealed Relli's story to Rolling Stone, recounting his experience as the victim of Rocky's alleged assault.

They said A$AP Rocky was not just planning a conversation but was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. When A$AP Rocky arrived at the location, a conversation ensued in which he intentionally fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron without provocation, warning, or any other justification."

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