Jennifer Aniston once expressed her frustration over celebrity new culture

Jennifer Aniston once expressed her frustration over celebrity new culture

As much as for her professional choices, Jennifer Aniston, the star of Friends, has made headlines for her personal life and romantic relationships. Her fame was enhanced by her high-profile marriage to Brad Pitt. Many fans speculated that the two had fundamental disagreements about family and career issues when they separated after just a few years of marriage.

Throughout the years, Aniston has expressed a few times the speculation regarding her fertility. It was in a 2016 op-ed that she stated she was "fed up" with the gossip surrounding her personal life. 

Aniston's popularity skyrocketed after her marriage to Pitt in 2000. The pair was seen as Hollywood's "golden couple," talented and good-looking at the same time. Several people awaited news of a pregnancy with great anticipation, but no such news was forthcoming.

Pitt and Aniston announced their separation in 2005, and rumors circulated that Pitt left her because he was eager to have children, while she was not. Moreover, Pitt and Angelina Jolie were able to welcome several children.

In 2015, Aniston married actor Justin Theroux. Despite only being married for two years, the couple divorced. Tabloid speculation once again took over about the couple's inability to have children, with many assuming that Aniston did not wish to become a mother.

During her marriage to Theroux, Aniston wrote an opinion piece for the Huff Post in 2016, in which she slammed tabloids for consistently speculating about when and if she was expecting a child. She wrote, "For the record, I am not pregnant.". Instead, "I am fed up." I'm tired of the body shaming and scrutiny that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' 'the First Amendment,' and 'celebrity news.'"

Aniston continued, "We place women through a great deal of objectification and scrutiny. Tabloids make speculation a sporting event to perpetuate this dehumanizing view of females based solely on a woman's appearance. What is the status of her pregnancy? Does she eat too much?” 

She noted that she was tired of the narrative surrounding her fertility. “Unlike what our celebrity news culture would have us believe, I am not pursuing motherhood because I feel incomplete. The 2016 op-ed was only the beginning. In the years following its publication, Aniston split from Theroux, stood out on social media, and secured starring roles in several successful films.

Throughout it all, she has consistently taken tabloids to task when they speculate about her intentions about motherhood.  Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter in December 2021 that she avoids headlines. "Am I still pregnant?" Is 52 going to make me the miracle mother?” As she recalled some old favorites, she quipped.
Despite this, she refuses to submit to "victimhood" and rejects the destructive narrative that says women should be defined by one or more factors in life. Being a hard-working actor and full-time pop culture icon, Aniston does not allow the tabloids to dictate her life. She does not hesitate to take control of her destiny. She does not have time or patience for baseless speculation,

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