Kim Kardashian showed off her private jet and Kanye West was praised for flying like an average person

Kim Kardashian showed off her private jet and Kanye West was praised for flying like an average person

She became the first member of her famous family to own her aircraft when she purchased the pricey plane back in March 2022, becoming part of the group that owns numerous planes. On an online thread yesterday, fans resurfaced old photos of Kanye West, 44, riding coach in front of two private planes amid the backlash against Kim, 41, and her sister Kylie Jenner, who got criticized for sharing a photo in front of two private planes. A fan of the father-of-four's post posted several pictures of him flying like a regular person and going through airport security as if he were no different from anyone else. The Chicago rapper was spotted in one picture working on his laptop while seated among other passengers on the plane.

Several people joked about Kanye's eco-friendly image, calling him the "king of eco-friendliness." One said, "Humble," while another said, "just like me." In another claim, someone stated: "He normally travels first class, but he is not averse to flying coach when that's the only option available. It was on this particular flight that he was going to assist Kim with her SNL appearance and retrieve the tapes. In economy, he sat near the toilets at the back of the plane." It was suggested by a third fan that he liked doing it to get out of the celebrity bubble by communicating with regular people. I thought I remembered someone from his team saying he liked it to interact with regular people."

One person speculated: "I think he just grabbed the next flight available because he wanted to get places fast and impulsively." In addition to Kim and Kylie having private jets, the Kardashians don't fly coach. There has been a fantastic amount of drama in Kim's life recently, as she recently jetted off to come back to her boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, after a month apart. "Kim is traveling to Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia, on a private jet to meet Pete," a source close to Kim told The Sun. A few days are left for Kim to stay with him." According to an insider, Kim is planning to take a rare break with Pete Down Under.

In Pete's resort room, she intends to stay with him and not do much else, since he's staying there." It is unlikely that the team will see much of her for a couple of days, the source said. Kim and Pete were last seen together in June when they were on vacation in Tahiti. Before Pete's new movie, Wizards began filming, the couple had a romantic getaway nearly a month ago. A series of throwback photos of Kim and Pete were shared early last week. The matter of Kim's jet is still being scrutinized even though she didn't share a photo of it. The backlash has been directed at Kylie Jenner, who shared a rare photo of herself smooching her boyfriend Travis Scott in front of two private planes.

A black and white Instagram photo was posted over the weekend by the makeup mogul. Taking mine or taking yours, she asked in the caption. It wasn't long before her fans began slamming her for not being eco-aware and being unreliable. Among the comments, one joked: "This post just referred to me as poor." The commenter quips, "Global warming who?".  According to another critic, "We should pollute the earth with whose plane?". There is a lot of criticism directed at Kim and Kylie for flaunting their wealth. After posting a photo with some seriously expensive accessories in June, Kylie was ripped to shreds by fans.  A small, neon green purse with a $2,550 price tag was among the luxury brand's items she shared in her Instagram Stories.  A $750 pair of quilted leather slippers were also shown off by Kylie. In the meantime, Kim was criticized recently for instead of donating her Birkin bag, she sold it.

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