Let's talk about  Dylan O'Brien who has a net worth of $7 million

Let's talk about  Dylan O'Brien who has a net worth of $7 million

About Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien net worth: Dylan O'Brien is a $7 million dollar net worth American actor and musician. Dylan O'Brien grew up in New Jersey and California after being born in New York, New York. His mom is former actress Lisa Rhodes, who ran an acting class, and his dad is Patrick B.

O'Brien, who worked as a camera operator

O'Brien, who did work as a camera operator for many years. He aimed to analyze sportscasting at Syracuse University with the goal of eventually continuing to work for the Mets.

His videos slowly gained popularity

His videos gradually grew in popularity, leading to an offer to show up in a web series. He was then introduced to an agent. He got an audition for a new television series called Teen Wolf through his agent. He had four auditions before being cast in the show. He has started playing "Stiles" on the show since it first aired on MTV in 2011.

He eventually appeared in 83 episodes

He ultimately popped up in 83 episodes of Teen Wolf, which aired from 2007 to 2017. He has also appeared in the films High Road, The First Time, and The Internship, in addition to working on Teen Wolf. He also starred in the film adaptation of the book The Maze Runner in 2015.

Dylan Obrien gets his start

At the age of 14, American actor Dylan O'Brien began his showbiz career with YouTube short films and web series before making his television debut with a starring role in the beloved franchise Teen Wolf.

Dylan O Brien's most famous for

Stiles Stilinski on MTV's paranormal drama Teen Wolf (2011-2017), where he was a series regular for all six seasons. He rose to prominence after playing Thomas in the Maze Runner science fiction film trilogy (2014-2018), which led to more film looks.

Dylan has developed an extensive YouTube

Dylan has amassed a sizable YouTube following for a series of humorous online shorts in which he directed, generated, and went on to star. He made his film debut as one of the stars of Upright Citizens Brigade's entirely improvisatory impartial feature film High Road (2011). O'Brien made his feature film debut as Dave in Jonathan Kasdan's comedy The First Time (2012), opposite Britt Robertson. He later appeared as a supporting actor in the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy The Internship, playing tech expert Stuart (2013). 

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