MTV VMAs 2022: Lizzo and Snoop Dogg lead the red carpet in standout ensembles

MTV VMAs 2022: Lizzo and Snoop Dogg lead the red carpet in standout ensembles

The big shots from the industry attended the MTV VMAs and went with their unique, classic, breathtaking, and weird choices from their wardrobe collections. 

Musical stars stunned the award showThis mindful event was held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey; just like their unique attires, so came ether unique statements on the red carpet. The performances, featuring artists like Drake, Billie Eilish, and Harry Styles, are expected to be as eye-catching as the ensembles.

Lizza was the highlight

Of all the stars, Lizza was the star highlight on the red carpet; she stunned the show with a massive puffy bold blue dress and ensured the camera's flashlights caught thousands of snaps of her one outfit. The 34-year-old singer carried it with craze and showed her voluminous outfit, making sure all other yes caught her attention. 

The About Damn Time singer made a statement in the dress, which featured an off-the-shoulder style and sheer gloves. She wore black lipstick, a lip ring positioned in the center, large hoops for earrings, and flawless makeup. She had her hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

The hosts in suit

Jack Harlow, along with LL Cool J and Nicki Minaj, took up the hosting together and had the most nominations going into the ceremony, and he made sure to dress the part.

He went in for a leather look and posed for the cameras on the way to being a host. He paired a ruched turtleneck with a suit jacket while also choosing to act cool by wearing a stunning pair of designer sunglasses that added a Matrix-style appearance. Later on stage, he transformed his outfit into a pale green suit with a white t-shirt underneath. 

And so with LL Cool J, who sported a similar leather look paired with his signature color and a black beanie. 

Taylor Swift in sparkly shorts

Fans of Taylor Swift were jaw-struck after seeing her on the red carpet making a surprise appearance; she looked gorgeous in a sparkly short mesh-like dress with bold red lipstick and was related to a "real life mirrorball.

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Singer Khalid was no less than others as he was stunned by more color-filled looks who dressed in a more colorful look as he styled out, and he waved the peace signs at the onlookers while wearing an orange and pink Versace dress. Colton Haynes, who plays Colton on Teen Wolf, likewise opted for a flared lime green suit and the 'bold is beautiful' motto. His Dior offering was flawlessly fastened at the side and lacked an undershirt. Snoop Dogg dressed in his usual tracksuit-style attire, big chain, and chunky sunglasses, a never change maker. 

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