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The 9 cutest celebrity pets in the world - CelebThop
The 9 cutest celebrity pets in the world

The 9 cutest celebrity pets in the world

It's hard to resist a cuddle with a purring little creature on your lap, especially when you wake up in the morning with a furry face on your face. Americans have become accustomed to keeping pets in their homes, which bring joy and comfort to their families, as well as teaching children responsibility and care. There's no denying the fact that celebrities enjoy pets just as much as the rest of us!

John Mulaney and Petunia

The famous comedian and actor John Mulaney has not hidden anything about the existence of his pet from the public. The comedian Mulaney has a French Bulldog named Petunia who holds a special place in his heart, as she is his beloved pet. On Mulaney's Twitter, fans have seen him post pictures with petunia reading a book, or a magazine, and she's even made an appearance in his Netflix special, The Comeback Kid, where she's seen reading a book as well as magazines.

In addition to having her own Instagram account, Petunia often posts pictures of her lounging about at home, strolling through New York City, and occasionally embarrassing shots of her in costumes as she wanders around the house. She hasn't been active lately, though. Her last post was on January 22, so it has been a while since she posted. There is no doubt that Mulaney's fans have become quite fond of Petunia, often wondering where she is, but it has been revealed that she is currently living with Mulaney's former wife, Annamarie Tendler, who is currently in the same home as Mulaney.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Bandit

Bandit is a very tiny little French Bulldog puppy that Jada Pinkett Smith added to the family in 2020! The cute little puppy was pictured all curled up in a stroller as Pinkett Smith announced the news on Instagram. Cesar Millan, the famous dog trainer, gave the dog as a gift. She also has four dogs trained by Millan for her husband, Will Smith. It has taken Bandit some time to grow to his full size. As for Bandit's boredom, his four well-trained Rottweilers and the Smith family will keep him entertained. There is no doubt that Bandit will have a wonderful and relaxing life as a dog.

Dua Lipa and Dexter

The acclaimed and Grammy-award-winning British singer and icon, Dua Lipa, can't resist other people's furry friends when she's in the mood for one! Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa announced in August 2020 that they have adopted a dog named Dexter which they have named after one of their childhood pets. A dog named Dexter was rescued by The Labelle Foundation, a charity that rescues animals. On social media, Dua Lipa refers to Dexter as her "our tiny best friend" and showers him with love. Despite Dexter's unknown breed, he is a favorite of hers. A horse and two goats are also among the singer's pets, including Dexter! The animal-loving Dua Lipa will never leave Dexter alone.

Cara Delevingne and Cecil

Some celebrities do not want a dog or cat in their lives! It could be that the little ones would prefer something a bit smaller and fluffier...like a rabbit! A well-loved English model, Cara Delevingne, announced in 2014 that she had been gifted a tiny bunny, Cecil, that she called her own. Throughout London, Cecil has followed the model on her journeys and even had her own Instagram account where she updated her followers on her activities. As for where Cecil has gone, fans do not know for sure, but they can only hope that he is still living peacefully with Delevingne in their home. In addition, Delevinge is also the owner of two dogs, one named Leo and the other named Alfie, and she revealed during the first COVID lockdown in 2020 that she had fostered two puppies for the security group.

Tom Holland and Tessa

He is not shy about his love of animals, and has a special place in his heart for dogs in particular, as Spider-Man and the worldwide phenomenon that he is. It has also been stated by the Marvel star that his pitbull, Tessa, is very important to him, and he regularly posts pictures and videos of the dog on social media to show how much the dog means to him. There have been a lot of fun videos devoted to Tessa from Holland that show all the content that Holland has posted about Tessa, and many fans have grown attached to her. The couple has even walked the red carpet together to show off Tessa to the paparazzi and PAWparazzi, as they call them. Shortly, fans will be able to see Tessa walk the red carpet once again, and everyone is looking forward to that day. There is no doubt that Holland and Tessa will melt the hearts of fans shortly, especially since Holland's newest film is just about to be released.

The Queen and Her Many, Many Corgis

Among the most well-known facts about the Queen Elizabeth II of England is her love for corgis. Since the young Queen Elizabeth was brought home as a dog by King George VI, Royal Corgis have been a staple of the royal family ever since. It has been a love affair between her and the breed ever since. According to reports, Queen Elizabeth II owned at least one Corgi at any given time between 1933 and 2018 and has owned over 30 Corgis since 1952. There has been such a strong presence of Royal Corgis in recent years that a Coin depicting the Queen with a Corgi by her side for the Golden Jubilee commemorates the presence of the dogs.

Taylor Swift and Her Cats

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous pop stars in the world, and she is also a devoted cat owner of three cute kittens. Aside from Meredith Grey, she has two Scottish Fold cats named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. A Ragdoll named Benjamin Button is Swift's third cat and it is a Ragdoll named Swift's third cat. In 2011, Meredith joined Swift as a member of the family, Olivia joined in 2014, and Benjamin joined the Swift family in 2019 as the newest member of the family. Swift is quite fond of her cats, taking them with her when she travels and even when she walks the streets of New York with them! There is no doubt that those cats live a better life than the majority of people.

Paris Hilton and Her Kinkajou

Aside from having an interesting taste in pets, Paris Hilton is also an interesting person. She was so devoted that she adopted a rainforest native, the Kinkajou, as a pet! Kinkajous are part of the same species family as raccoons and olingos, and they are sometimes called honey bears or honey raccoons as well. Baby Luv, Hilton's Kinkajou named after Baby Luv's father, is rumored to have bitten his mother in such a vicious manner that she had to seek emergency medical attention after he bit her so close to her chest. Even so, she decided to forgive him, and so far as the public is aware, Hilton still takes care of Baby Luv up to the present day.

Zendaya and Her Dog Noon

Aside from being the star of Spider-Man and Euphoria, Zendaya also has a furry friend who she is very proud of. The dog that Zendaya owns, Noon Coleman, is a black-haired miniature Schnauzer that is always smiling whenever he is seen on social media. As a Christmas gift in 2015, Zendaya got Noon to keep by her side as she went through her many ups and downs! As well as having met the famous Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, Noon enjoys spending as much time as he can with his mother Zendaya, and had the pleasure of meeting him. There are over 20,000 followers on Noon's Instagram account, which is proof of just how much he is loved.

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