The new Playboy private jet, Big Bunny, is the first to be flown by Cardi B

The new Playboy private jet, Big Bunny, is the first to be flown by Cardi B

Hugh Hefner made Big Bunny famous in the late '60s when he bought it for $5.5 million and flew celebrities between Chicago and Los Angeles for his Playboy After Dark series of interviews. Obviously, it was also used for strictly Playboy business, and that probably says all the things we can't write about right now. In its original form, Big Bunny was a McDonnel Douglas DC-9-32 with seating for 28 passengers, luxury amenities, and state-of-the-art technology. There was a nightclub, a cinema room, and Mr. Hefner's private bedroom, which was lined in fur and had as its centerpiece - what else? It is a waterbed.

The new Big Bunny was unveiled last month, a $12 million Bombardier Global Express BD-700 designed to pay homage to the original but be more sleek, modern, and luxurious. Celebrities and influencers would help the brand expand into private air travel with the new jet, which is designed as a multi-sensory experience where the travel experience is just as important as the destination. Playboy's first-ever Creative Director in Residence is none other than Cardi B, who has just been named the company's first Creative Director in Residence.

She will be responsible for curating and creating content for the Centerfold platform, making promotional appearances and events, and providing artistic direction across almost every aspect of the Playboy brand, from editorial to fashion and merchandise. Cardi is already taking her new role seriously, showing off Big Bunny's interior while getting tipsy on cocktails. In Miami Beach, Cardi attended a Playboy event on the Big Bunny, which is registered under N950PB like the original. She's also looking for engagement through these Instagram posts, asking her 116+ million followers which celebrity they'd like to see next. She will probably be involved in more content of the kind, such as a reality show or serialized posts on social media. Watching the rich life (and party) appeals to the voyeur in many of us.

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