The nine-step skin-care routine that Kris Jenner uses has been discontinued

The nine-step skin-care routine that Kris Jenner uses has been discontinued

Kris Jenner is a momager, business mogul, Ariana Grande music video star, and pixie-cut pioneer, as any Kardashian family fan knows. She has an impressively lengthy resume, and there isn't much more she has yet accomplished.

Beauty influencers can now be officially added to the list. She took to Instagram, and specifically Kim Kardashian's account, to share her nine-step skin-care routine, which revolves entirely around Kim's new line of products, SKIN. That's great!

As Kim Kardashian starts off the video with, "Hey everybody, guess what guys, it's Kris here, and I'm here tonight at Kim's SKKN offices to show you guys my routine," Kardashian says at the beginning of the video. It's kind of amazing to me that I'm in my 60s and that I have found a new routine that works for me." 

In a subsequent exchange, Jenner described how her cousin asked her, “Wow, what did you do to your skin?” after only two days of using said SKKN products. Jenner recalled that moment when she knew Kim's routine was on to something, so she decided to share it.

She then outlined her detailed regimen, playing relaxing, spa-themed music in the background as she explained each step. The best thing about this cleanser is that it is light, but it removes every trace of makeup,” she said, lathering it on.

For the remaining eight products, how are they doing? Jenner uses the brand's exfoliator first, followed by the essence, toner, serum containing hyaluronic acid, serum filled with vitamin C, moisturizer, and finally, the eye cream, all supplied by the brand.


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