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Six X Factor acts claim they had a "horrific experience," which has led Simon Cowell's firm to face legal action

By CelebThop Team

Posted on: 29 Aug, 2022

Simon Cowell a well-known blunt commenter

Simon Cowell, formerly known as 'Mr. Nasty of British television was well-known for his blunt, straightforward remarks on 'X Factor.

SyCo is being sued

Six former acts have now said they intend to sue SyCo for 'bullying, maltreatment, and negligence' in federal court.

The show left performers traumatized

The performers assert that the show left them traumatized, 'sleep deprived,' and psychologically ill.

Mental Health Issues after being on the show

The acts also claim they needed to fork out for health treatment after being left traumatized.

The six insist that they have evidence to back up their claims including emails, videos, and documentation of 'psychological evaluations' conducted after the show.

They say that they are raising awareness in order to seek justice.

Additionally, they want the payment to cover the costs of their medical care.

The real face of the show

They also promise to offer the public a totally different aspect of the event than they could have expected from its glitzy fa├žade.

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